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Earthworks & Excavation

Bowman Contracting has the experience and machinery to ensure we are able to support your woodlot harvest with constructing skid sites, access tracks, site clean up and cut over pine stump removal.

We also have the know how and tools to work with you on your stand alone project, from a pond to a farm track or road to building site

Consent and Compliance

Obtaining consents and compliance for your earthworks project can mean a mountain of paperwork which is often confusing and submitted incomplete.

We work with you to ensure appropriate consents are applied for along with ensuring we have all of the required information to speed up the process. We work alongside you every step of the way, from submitting to sign off.

Cut Over Pine Stump Removal

Forestry is sometimes planted on fantastic, fertile land. Whilst we fully encourage landowners to replant pine trees however, sometimes it is best put to use where it can provide more immediate returns. 

Bowman Contracting can assist you in stump removal, root raking and land contouring. Whether you are wanting to replant, create a new paddock or just want to tidy up Bowman Contracting has all you need to clean up your land in preparation for alternate uses.